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I lied.  I was way too preoccupied while in Vegas and forgot to blog.  better luck next time.

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off to vegas

off to HDI 2009 in Las Vegas. Last year was good, hoping the same for this year. Definitely a better venue (was outside of Dallas last year)…

I’m at the airport, and of course we’re delayed – but really it’s only an hour, so not too bad. It will get me into Vegas rather late though. I have tomorrow free so we’ll be driving out to Death Valley for the day – Definitely excited about that as I haven’t been out there since ’98. I’ll post some pics when I get back.


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in love with Jetblue

Over the years I’ve flown a number of different airlines, and for a while my favorite airline was United. Why United? I can’t say there was ever a real star quality that set them far past the rest; However, they did a few things better than most.  

  • Majority of my flights were on-time
  • Frequent flyer program was good
  • Customer service was better than most of the others
  • Generally the aircraft were in good interior condition

Airlines these days are cutting perks and adding fees wherever possible. They’re skimping on the frequent flyer programs, and charging you for every peanut you inhale.  It’s difficult enough to sit on a plane for 5 hours, trapped in a seat designed for only the smallest of adults, but really made just for kids, and the joy of the seat back in front of you driving into your knees.  Great experience? I think not…  

Are there other options?  YES!  Why fall mercy to the airlines scrambling to keep afloat because of their own bad business practices when you have options like JetBlue, or Midwest? 

The most important feature to me when I fly is comfort. If I have to be on a plane for 5 hours(or even 2), can I atleast be somewhat comfortable? After that, I look for a good rewards program, and next to that would be the added extras; such as TV, or WiFi.

When it comes to cost… I can’t say that’s really a deal breaker for me. I’d rather pay the extra cost and know I’m going to have a good flight. 

What’s most important to you??


Midwest is one of those airlines that seems to get it right, although I have noticed recently their ticket prices have really shot up, or maybe just out of Boston? 

  • Excellent customer service (phone & check-in, and in-flight from my experiences)
  • Clean, modern planes
  • Extra wide leather seats
  • Good rewards program (including the dining rewards)

Something’s missing from that list….?  Wait for it… Oh yes, baked on board fresh, WARM, chocolate chip cookies.  That right there my friends is a winner in my book! 

As much as I love chocolate chip cookies, I did find another airline that won my business. That airline is JetBlue.

JetBlue wins on a number of levels, and they do it consistently.  

  • Reasonable fares
  • Comfortable, roomy seats
  • TV at EVERY seat
  • Good free snack selection
  • Top class customer service
  • Modern, clean aircraft
  • Excellent rewards program

The one thing I notice most about JetBlue is how interested they are in their customers feedback. Their JetViews program sends out occasional surveys related to the customers experience, and what is most important to the customer. 

In every situation for which I’ve had to interact with JetBlue they’ve ensured it was a great experience.

For now, that’s all I got.. I’ll work on getting back into normal postings, and you work on reading them.  Wish you all a great Thanksgiving and hope to hear your experiences as well. 


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Wow, May 21st was the last time I posted.  What the hell is wrong with me?  

I’d apologize, but then I would be pretending to care.     


Lots has been going on – Spent some time in Vegas, was at a conference in Colorado, been mentally preparing for the dread of the coming winter… and so on…   Of course, what this really all means is I have a ton of customer service experiences over the past month, and if I get my shit together anytime soon I’d love to share them with you.

Until later…

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ring of death

I bought my Xbox 360 a little over a year ago.. During that time I watched all the stories about the dreaded ring of death..

I admit, I chuckled a bit as I sat back and played Gears of War.

So I bought the new Grand Theft Auto 4 last week… Came home today and turned on the Xbox… and yes, today was the day the Xbox died.

I remember hearing that Microsoft stepped up and extended the warranty because of this issue, but I really didn’t expect an easy process.

I called support… within 4 minutes I was talking to a live agent.  He asked me a few questions, I gave him the serial number, and we were done!  He told me they’d send a box, I bring the box to a UPS store, they fix it at no charge and send it back in a few weeks.  Wow, that was REALLY easy.  Thanks you Microsoft!

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Just saying thanks

So I have a question for you…

Have you ever stayed at a hotel where the maid left you a ‘thank you’ note?  I’m going to guess that most of you have not, right?

I just stayed 3 nights at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, in California – What a great hotel.  Not so much the hotel itself.. I mean, the rooms are nice, and all around it’s comfortable —  but the staff, Wow.  Everyone is so friendly.

As I was leaving today I was in the elevator with one of the bellhop’s – He greeted me with a smile and a “how are you today?”.  “Great”, I replied. He asked if I was headed home, I advised I was actually on my way to San Diego for a bit of vacation time.  We spent the next few minutes chatting about San Diego and the various areas of San Diego that we like to visit.

This was my experience with all the employees, friendly & genuine.  Although it’s just conversation, it says something about the employees.

So anyway, back to my initial reason for this post..

Sunday morning I left $5 on the table for the maid and headed out to the conference.  I stopped into my room later that afternoon and noticed a hand written note where I left the tip.. it read:
“Thank you very much for your tip.  God Bless you always”

Again on Monday, a new note from a different maid.  I don’t know if this is required by the hotel, or optional for the maid, but it’s really a pleasant touch –  The tip is my way of showing appreciation to the maid for the job they do, and the note is their way of showing appreciation for my taking notice of their efforts.

It’s simply something I’ve never encountered in the past.

At the San Jose airport now, should be boarding shortly and on my way to San Diego.

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